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 Energy Saving 


Project: Development of a 21 Ton Electric Excavator, Co-PI (2012-2016) 

Modeling of electro-hydraulic (EH) systems for an electric excavator

Design control algorithms using the IMV (Independent Metering Valve) with flow regeneration modes for energy saving

Performance and durability tests of electro-hydraulic valve modules for an electric excavator using the hardware-in-the loop simulations (HILS)

Project: Development of a Rock-Drill Attachment System, PI (2012-2014) 

Development of simulation model for rock-drill drifter and analysis of percussion performance 

Experimental validation of a percussion performance and duraiblity for rock-drill drifter

Other Projects Related to Reliability Engineering

- Load-Sensitive Control & Hydraulic Tension System Application 220 Ton/Hr Mobile Crusher Development, Co-PI (2014-2016) 

- Development of Garlic and Onion Harvesting Machine With Integrated Work System, Co-PI (2015-2016) 


- Development of Load Evaluation and Assessment Technology For The Systems Under Extreme Environment, Co-PI (2015-2016) 

Design of reliability test codes for main hardware components of mobile crusher, garlic and onion harvesting machine, and wind turbine's gear box

Conduction of reliability tests 

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