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Current Lab Members

Michael Bondarenko.png

Michael Bondarenko is currently a fourth-year Biology - Life Sciences student who is studying at Ontario Tech University. He has a deep understanding of plant biology and development, as well as the needs and requirements for managing crop growth and yield. With a passion in biology, especially with agricultural issues, he’s been contributing as a research technician and working under Dr. Jaho Seo to develop autonomous farming solutions. 

Ramsey Yaghi.jpg

Ramsey Yaghi is currently a 3rd-year undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Mechatronics Engineering at Ontario Tech University. With a background in robotics, Ramsey has gained valuable experience in developing robotics platforms through his involvement with another research lab and his own startup company, Reindeere Robotics. His expertise includes embedded systems design, sensor systems, ROS2 (Robot Operating System 2), CAN (Controller Area Network), and recent endeavors in teleoperation, mapping, and navigation systems. Ramsey's passion for advancing robotics technology drives his dedication to contributing as a Research Technician and working under Dr. Jaho Seo to develop autonomous farming solutions.

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