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Autonomous Vehicle & Electro-Hydraulic Control (AVEC)

Director: Dr. Jaho Seo | SIRC 3310

About Us

 Our lab (AVEC) has been developing the control, sensing, and safety algorithms for autonomous /automation mobile machines and systems that include construction equipment, agriculture systems, automobiles, mechatronic systems, etc. AVEC lab has also conducted several government and industrial R projects in energy-saving for electro-hydraulic (EH) systems and reliability engineering for mechanical systems and components.

 The projects in progress include the development of control and sensing algorithms for autonomous operations of an excavator, predictive safety algorithms for an excavator using the 3D sensory information, environmental monitoring algorithms under harsh conditions, snowplow route optimization, etc.

   For the detailed info on the lab projects, please refer to the research areas below.

Research Areas


1. Autonomous Mobile Machines

  • Autonomous construction equipment

  • Agriculture control systems

2. Safety Control and Sensing

  • Predictive safety algorithm

  • Sensing platform for mobile machines

3. Energy Saving and Reliability

  • Energy regeneration using EH systems

  • Reliability engineering

Recent News



Department of Automotive and Mechatronics Engineering

Ontario Tech University

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