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 Jaho Seo was with the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering of the University of Waterloo as a Postdoctoral Fellow in 2011, the Department of System Reliability of the Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials (KIMM) as a senior researcher for 2012-2016, and the Department of Biosystems Machinery Engineering of Chungnam National University, Korea as an Assistant Professor for 2016-2017.

 Since 2017, he has been an Assistant Professor at the Department of Automotive and Mechatronics Engineering, Ontario Tech University where he has been involved in research on the development of autonomous control systems for intelligent mobile machines, and electro-hydraulic systems.



 Arif Mehmood Zaman completed his graduation in 2019 from Pakistan’s top engineering institution NUST. He had completed his Bachelors in the field of Mechanical Engineering and during his undergraduate studies, he got the chance to work with NUST Formula Student Team and represent the formula student car at FS-UK in 2019. His undergrad final year project is with the collaboration of the world’s renowned company Procter Gamble in which he designed an automated assembly line for the company.
   He has been doing MASc in Mechanical Engineering at Ontario Tech University since Sep. 2020 under the supervision of Professor Jaho Seo for the advancement of automated excavators and sensing technologies.




  Ali Afzalaghaeinaeini graduated from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad in 2019 in Mechanical Engineering. From 2017 to 2019, he worked in the robotics laboratory of Ferdowsi University, during which he has been involved in dynamic simulation of robots, especially parallel robots and medical robots in the Simulink MATLAB and SolidWorks. He has also been a Teaching Assistant in the course “ introduction to finite element methods” between 2017 and 2019.
  He has been studying his Master of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering at Ontario Tech University since Sep 2020 under the supervision of professor Jaho Seo to develop advanced de-dusting fitler and sensing algorithms. His main interest areas are sensing, control, automation, and robotics systems.


KIMM Project




- KITECH Project

  Omid Ahmadi Khiyavi has obtained his bachelor’s degree in the field of mechanical engineering from the University of Tabriz, Iran in 2016. Then joined to CAST lab at the University of Tehran, Iran. He’s worked as a research assistant in CAST for almost three years. In this period, he mostly focused on the design and fabrication of bio-inspired robots as aquatic robots and humanoid robots. Then in 2019, he moved to Japan to work as a research assistant at Tohoku University. The goal was to design and fabricate a robotic system for handling food in food factories.
He has started his studies as a Master's Student at Ontario Tech University under the supervision of Prof. Jaho Seo and Prof. Xianke Lin (Co-supervisor), since May 2021. His research topic is the development of advanced control algorithms for power control and management systems of construction equipment.



Tyler Parsons has graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Ontario Tech University in 2021, and is starting his MASc under the supervision of Dr. Jaho Seo in May of 2021. 
Within the span of his undergraduate degree, he successfully completed a 16 month internship with a robotics vision solutions company, Bluewrist Inc. During this internship, he worked as a mechanical designer on many different automated systems, including an automated 3-layer surgical mask making machine. In addition to this, he also worked as an Application Engineer working with company software at numerous off-site locations to properly integrate inspection systems. He is involved in optimizing routes of snowplowing, waste collection, and street sweeping.


- MITACS Intern with City of Oshawa

- KITECH Project




- KITECH Project

Fattah Hanafi obtained his M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad in 2013. From 2011 to 2019, he was a member of FUM Robotics Lab, working on different aspects of industrial robots such as Kinematics, Dynamics, Simulation, Trajectory Generation, etc. In the last four years, he played a leading role in developing and producing a family of industrial-grade robots like FUM-6R-20, FUM-SCARA-II, FUM-Delta, and FUM-Stewart-M450 Robot.

He has started his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at Ontario Tech University under the supervision of Dr. Jaho Seo from May 2021. His research topic is the development of advanced control and adaptive safety algorithms for autonomous construction equipment.

Arif Mehmood Zaman

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Jaho Seo

Omid Ahmadi Khiyavi

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  Liam Howatt is a 4th-year mechatronics engineering student. He likes to help people with their STEM projects. He believes that the tools and knowledge to develop fantastic projects can be easily accessed. Right now he is contributing work and consultation in the area of design and development of an indoor food production monitoring robot.

Liam Howatt