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Autonomous Mobile Machines

Other Mobile Systems 

 Agricultural Systems 

 Construction Equipment 

Project: Development of a 120 Ton All-Terrain Crane With Artificial Intelligence, PI (2013-2017) 
Development of AI-based steering control algorithms for all-terrain cranes with multi-axles 

Real-time validation of the designed controller’s performance through co-simulations

Project: Project: Automation Technology Development for 20 Ton-Class Excavator Based on Electro-Hydraulic System, PI (2015-2016)

Development of electro-hydrualic control systems for 20 ton-class excavator's automation through simulation studies

Project: Development of an Automation Control System Using a Miniature Excavator (2015- 2017) 

Development of a teaching and playback control system for automation tasks of a miniature excavator using embedded control hardware   

minature excavator.png

Project: Development of industrial off-road working system technologies supporting autonomous operations, PI (2020/6 - 2020/09), Sponsored by KIMM (Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials) contract project

- Development of control algorithms for autonomous operations with an industrial off-road working system
- Cosimulations using physical multi-domain systems (mechanical, hydraulic, and control systems) and experimental validations

Experiment 2.jpg

Project: Waste collection/ Street sweeping/ Snowplow route optimization, PI (2021/05-2023/05), Sponsored by City of Oshawa and Mitacs

Identify optimal routes for waste collection/sweeping/snowplowing trucks that reduce total travel time and fuel consumption while considering real-world constraints.


Project: Development of advanced path planning algorithms for autonomous tillage with tractors, PI (2022/07-2022/12), Sponsored by KITECH (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology) 

Developing path planning algorithms that enhance the performance of autonomous operations of tractors by dealing with various operational attributes and field shapes, and minimizing skipped tillage areas.

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