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Project: Integrated Technical Solutions for Urban Construction Using Autonomous Excavators, PI (2020/04-2025/03) Sponsored by NSERC Discovery Grant and NSERC Discovery Launch Supplement
Development of advanced algorithms for 3D-terrain mapping, tracking control, and adaptive safety control
Project: Development of control and sensing algorithms for autonomous operations of an excavator, PI(2018- Present), Sponsored by UOIT Startup Fund and UOIT VPRII Research Infrastructure Fund
Development of position, optimal contour, and force controls for autonomous ground tasks
Excavator 3.jpg
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Project:  Development of industrial off-road working system technologies supporting autonomous operations,  PI         (2020/06 - 2020/09), Sponsored by  KIMM (Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials) contract project
Developing control algorithms to improve tracking accuracy for ground leveling task of a hydraulic excavation system 
Project: Development of control and sensing algorithms for autonomous operations of an excavator, PI (2018-Present), Sponsored by UOIT Startup Fund and UOIT VPRII Research Infrastructure Fund
3D ground mapping and estimation of excavation progress
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Project: Development of a 120 Ton All-Terrain Crane With Artificial Intelligence, PI (2013-2017) 
Development of AI-based steering control algorithms for all-terrain cranes with multi-axles 

Real-time validation of the designed controller’s performance through co-simulations

Project: Automation Technology Development for 20 Ton-Class Excavator Based on Electro-Hydraulic System, PI (2015-2016) 

Development of electro-hydrualic control systems for 20 ton-class excavator's automation through simulation studies

Project: Development of In-Wheel Motor Driven Electric Scooter Controller, Co-PI (2012) 

Analysis of in-wheel motor characteristics and development of a controller for PMS in-wheel motors for a electric scooter (1.5 Kw)

Project : Development of an Automation Control System Using a Miniature Excavator (2015- 2017) 

Development of a teaching and playback control system for automation tasks of a miniature excavator using embedded control hardware