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Project: Development of control and sensing algorithms for autonomous operations of an excavator, PI(2018- Present), Sponsored by UOIT Startup Fund and UOIT VPRII Research Infrastructure Fund

Development of position, optimal contour, and force controls for autonomous ground tasks

Excavator 3.jpg
Project: Integrated Technical Solutions for Urban Construction Using Autonomous Excavators, PI (2020/04-2025/03) Sponsored by NSERC Discovery Grant and NSERC Discovery Launch Supplement

Development of advanced algorithms for tracking control and adaptive safety control


Development of advanced sensing algorithms for excavated ground detection

Project: Waste collection/ Street sweeping/ Snowplow route optimization, PI (2021/05-2023/05), Sponsored by City of Oshawa and Mitacs

Identify optimal routes for waste collection/sweeping/snowplowing trucks that reduce total travel time and fuel consumption while considering real-world constraints.


Project: Development of advanced path planning algorithms for autonomous tillage with tractors, PI (2022/07-2022/12), Sponsored by KITECH (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology) 

Developing path planning algorithms that enhance the performance of autonomous operations of tractors by dealing with various operational attributes and field shapes, and minimizing skipped tillage areas.

Project: Development of simulation technologies for redundant braking systems, PI (2022-2023), Sponsored by Hyundai Motor Company

Simulation modeling of core components for redundant braking systems

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