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Project: Development of control and sensing algorithms for autonomous operations of an excavator, PI (2018-Present), Sponsored by UOIT Startup Fund and UOIT VPRII Research Infrastructure Fund

Development of position, optimal contour, and force controls for autonomous ground tasks

3D ground mapping and estimation of excavation progress

Project: Development of a 120 Ton All-Terrain Crane With Artificial Intelligence, PI (2013-2017) 

Development of AI based steering control algorithms for all-terrain cranes with multi-axles 

Real-time validation of the designed controller’s performance through co-simulations

Project: Automation Technology Development for 20 Ton-Class Excavator Based on Electro-Hydraulic System, PI (2015-2016) 

Development of electro-hydrualic control systems for 20 ton-class excavator's automation through simulation studies

Project: Development of In-Wheel Motor Driven Electric Scooter Controller, Co-PI (2012) 

Analysis of in-wheel motor characteristics and development of a controller for PMS in-wheel motors for a electric scooter (1.5 Kw)

Project : Development of an Automation Control System Using a Miniature Excavator (2015- 2017) 

Development of a teaching and playback control system for automation tasks of a miniature excavator using embedded control hardware   


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